Conservatories built nowadays have become more advanced and can finally be enjoyed by families all year round. However, since most conservatories are designed for pleasure and relaxation, these versatile home extensions are more frequently utilised in the warm summer months. Read on to get some cool ideas that will surely make your family want to chill out in your conservatory this summer.

Maintain light and bright colours
Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the extra natural light available in your conservatory. Keep colours such as light blues and a dash of subtle greens as they are enhanced by the additional hours of daylight and can help make the room seem more spacious.

You can never go wrong with the bright and airy aspects of white whilst it complements most other colours and provide the perfect backdrop for incorporating some brightly-coloured summer accessories such as lamps, blinds and throw pillows.

Tone down the summer heat
Since conservatories are mostly made of glass, more heat and glare build up inside, especially during the summer months. Installing blinds can not only prevent this issue but could also be a pleasing addition to the room since most are done with aesthetic designs and prints.

Mix and match furniture
Combining some natural furniture with colourful materials such as rugs and cushions is not only fun but could also make your conservatory a really inviting place. Just remember that before choosing your furniture and accessories to go with it, think about the purpose of the room and how you will use the space.

Let the natural light in
Whilst it is important to keep your conservatory properly shaded to reduce heat and glare, remember that conservatories are meant for you to enjoy the glorious summer months in the comfort of your home so do not be afraid to let in and maximise the natural light inside the room.

Go floral
Incorporating a few pots of real flowers and plants with your interior design is the perfect way to combine the indoor and outdoor feels in your conservatory. Moreover, adding green leafy plants and blooming indoor flowers will surely make your conservatory feel a lot cooler, perfect when the summer heat becomes rather harsh.

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