Regal Windows and Conservatories

Regal Windows and Conservatories – If you are interested in adding a conservatory on to your home, it’s probably something that you have given a lot of thought to.

As is the case with any building work that has caused you to dedicate hours of thought towards, it makes sense to enlist the very best people in the business to carry out the job. This is where Regal Homemaker steps in.

Now into our fourth decade of successful trading, Regal has built up a proud reputation as a business that always delivers the very best for its customers. The secret to our success is a dedication to excellence in all aspects of our work, from design to installation and everything in between.

Delivering a conservatory that will renew your love for your home.

Regal Windows and conservatories by Regal Homemaker - UK delivery and installation

Regal Windows and Conservatories – offering the best

Our highly-skilled team of professionals will leave no stone unturned to deliver the finest quality and the best value for money around. From day one, it has been our company policy to approach each individual project as though we were working on our own home.

Regal Windows and Conservatories – more space, more value

The reasons behind wanting to build a conservatory can be plentiful – namely to add space to your existing home in the form of a social area that you can relax in after work and on the weekends, as well as inviting guests into when they call over.

In terms of basic economics, it makes sense to build a conservatory. For starters, it will add value to your home but secondly, and more importantly, it will make you more proud of your home than you already were.

A conservatory that is designed and installed by Regal Homemaker will deliver a comfortable and vibrant space to relax in. Rest assured that, once completed, your new extension will also offer plenty of light and a pleasant view of the outside surroundings.

Here at Regal we have so much experience in designing and building conservatories that we will be delighted to sit down and talk to you, listen to your vision and then set about turning your dreams into a reality through the use of bricks, mortar and no shortage of ingenuity.

Many people who come to us with a vision of how their conservatory will look are also very keen that it will become an area which boasts a wealth of light.

This is where window installation is so important, and that’s perfect because at Regal we are not only expert window installers, but we take an approach to installation and overall design that will maximise the effectiveness of windows on your conservatory, as well as the rest of your home in general.

We appreciate that every home is unique and requires a different approach to the previous one. The days of one window fitting all went out with black and white televisions. At Regal we regard windows as a whole lot more than simply a way of getting light into the home.

The installation of every window is an opportunity to be creative and maximise the benefit to the homeowner, through our use of quality materials and a dedication to top-notch workmanship.

We are very experienced in the installation of UPVC, hardwood and aluminium, while we thrive on catering for traditional or contemporary styles.

Since our formation in the 1980s, most of our business has come via word of mouth, which speaks volumes for the work we carry out. Today we boast a satisfied customer base of more than 16,000 people.

Take the first step in transforming your home and contact Regal Homemaker today.