Due to uncertainty in the housing market caused after Brexit, many people are looking at refurbishments in Oxfordshire as an alternative to moving, or extending their property. Here’s why many are making this decision…
It adds value to your property
The most important reason as to why many are making the decision to refurbish in Oxfordshire is because it can add significant value to your property.
Simple improvements such as painting rooms and adding new doors to the house can really help with making the house more appealing to tenants or buyers.
Not only improvements inside the house should be considered, you should also pay attention to external areas and think about making sure the house looks tidy from the outside and that the garden is maintained to make the property look more attractive.
You can add your own touch quickly to make it feel more like your home
One of the biggest benefits people say that completing a refurbishment in Oxfordshire does is it makes refreshes the property making it feel revitalised and can be done quickly.
Extending has its own benefits but it is often very time consuming compared to refurbishing which can greatly benefit a property through minor adjustments.
Small changes like decorating, changing the lighting and adding new furniture will make a big difference to not only make your own touch to the property but it will also make the property ready to sell at a better value sooner.
Fewer things hold it back
Another major benefit of refurbishment is the fact that restrictions such as planning permissions are not always required.
As a result, this means that you can get to work on your property a lot quicker than you would if you needed to go through the relevant process and documentation with the planning department.
Lower costs
The final benefit that property owners find when completing refurbishments in Oxfordshire is the lower cost than extending or rebuilding a property.
There are significantly greater costs incurred when extending or rebuilding a property as a whole and you are also more likely to find additional unexpected costs along the way, throughout the process than you would when refurbishing.
In comparison, with refurbishments like re-decorating, fitting new flooring and changing lighting, will cost a lot less overall but also increase the property’s value.
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