A rolling stretch of beautiful countryside just an hour from London, Oxfordshire has justifiably earned its place as one of South East England’s most attractive residential locations.

Touching on three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it has a patchwork of towns and villages offering an array of period properties and heritage homes. Oxford, the City of Dreaming Spires, also provides plenty of up-market apartments, converted from older properties or created in contemporary developments.

The county has both rural and urban family homes, from late Victorian and Edwardian houses to more modest terraced properties. The most common property type to change hands in Oxfordshire in 2016 was detached homes.

A million reasons not to move

For many Oxfordshire homeowners, moving to a larger property is either unfeasible or too stressful to contemplate.

Having lovingly restored houses, or created attractive family environments in modern properties, many people are reluctant to sell up.

Also, property prices in Oxfordshire are high, so upscaling brings with it substantial financial outlay.

The answer from above

So what do Oxfordshire homeowners do if they need more space?

Perhaps they have an additional family member on the way – a baby or an elderly relative who needs to move in. Or perhaps the pressure of teenagers or siblings who argue makes an additional bedroom vital.

For some Oxfordshire homeowners, the extra room they need may be the culmination of a long-held dream. Such as a new, larger en-suite master bedroom, a crafts or games room.

When moving house is an unpleasant or financially impossible prospect in Oxfordshire, the answer can come from above.

Loft conversion solutions

Using the right level of planning, expertise and workmanship, it’s possible to create a loft conversation that uses every square foot of available space to good effect.

The extra room needed in your Oxfordshire home becomes affordable. Better still, you can design it yourself. For example, you could add an extra bedroom and a small office or extra storage space too.

Increasing property value in Oxfordshire

There is a big added bonus to commissioning a well-planned and carefully crafted loft conversion in your Oxfordshire home. It will add to the value of your property. One of the first things potential buyers will look for will be the number of bedrooms. Another one could considerably improve its price.

Easier than you think

There are many reasons why a loft conversion is less stressful and costly than moving house in Oxfordshire, but it is also probably considerably more straightforward than you think.

There’s a good chance it won’t need planning permission. Plus, if you engage an experienced, professional and versatile firm to complete the loft conversion, the disruption to your normal home life will be kept to a minimum.

Getting it right matters

If you are thinking of converting your loft in your Oxfordshire home to create an extra room or two, heed a word of caution.

With the right contractor, it can create your dream home extension from the space up above you, lifting the benefits and value of your property.

With the wrong contractor, the dream could be a nightmare, with defects and omissions to drag the project “down”.

Speak to the team at Regal Homemaker for an Oxfordshire loft conversion that’s head and shoulders above the rest.