If you are thinking about enhancing your home’s exterior, installing a brand new custom door would be a great starting point. Whilst entry doors are intended to protect you when you are indoors, they are also where your guests will get their first taste of your personal style thus, any door designs you consider should be beautiful, functional and durable at the same time. After all, no feature of a home says ‘Welcome’ quite like a fine and inviting front door.

Fortunately, there are various door styles available now which you can choose from to find just the look and design you desire. Keep reading to know more about this list of popular door styles today:


Made from wood or fibreglass whilst often featuring straight lines with a Shaker-inspired look, Craftsman door designs are considered the most popular for many homes including cottages and spacious mountain retreats. One feature that distinguishes Craftsman doors is the addition of one window at the top with stained glass or wood-outlined panes and two or three rectangular-shaped raised panels across the bottom.


Although modern-style front doors are often found with straight, sleek lines components, they are used in a fashion that separates them from Craftsman-style doors. Additionally, the hardware seen on modern doors can project a minimalistic manner, yet are often large in size. You may also find blocked or square raised panels of frosted or translucent glass in this type of door design.


Traditional door designs are typically available in wood, metal and fibreglass options that may feature raised panels in any number from two to twelve as well as glass inserts with scrollwork coloured panes.


These type of doors are usually custom-made to fit your home’s exact specifications and may fit into a variety of styles including traditional, craftsman and rustic. What sets them apart though, is the curved design that gives them a distinctive look and appeal, offering an eye-catching architectural feature with loads of charm.


Rustic door designs are often made of wood and are typically seen on cabins and homes that feature wood, stone or brick exteriors. Since many rustic doors have a thickness and a demeanour that suggests hardiness, they are usually accompanied by bulky, oversized hardware. Additionally, rustic doors also feature raised panels, scored lines and clear glass.

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