Achieving a robust and elegant-looking door, whether for exterior or interior use, starts with a quality door frame from high-grade raw materials that go through a strict quality-control process. Most of the time, people tend to overlook the importance of door frames when it comes to security but no matter how sturdy the door or secure the locks are, you might still be compromising your safety if you don’t pay enough attention to the quality of the frame. Read on to know more information about the different types of door frame materials you can choose from.

Wood has always been a classic material, readily available for construction projects and one the most popular choices for home projects. It is known for its beauty, durability, strength and can even last a lifetime as long as you know how to take care of it. Among other places, wood is also a great option for your door frame, provided that there will be regular sealing, staining or painting to prolong its beauty.

One of the reasons for aluminium’s popularity is its light, yet strong feature which can be incorporated into a wide variety of combinations. Its narrowness gives focus to the main door material, further enhancing its aesthetic appearance. Aluminium is also an affordable material compared to the others whilst still providing the protection you need.

Typically used for patio doors, vinyl is a good and affordable door frame material that is very thermal resistant and virtually maintenance-free. This material is available in white and various neutral colours, providing you with different options to choose from.

Fibreglass is a perfect door frame material since it is proven to withstand the elements and test of time because it is essentially composed of glass fibres and resin which have very little reaction with temperature changes in the weather. Apart from its durability, fibreglass is also a versatile choice for homeowners as it can be painted to enhance the property’s aesthetic appearance.

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