Brexit and a cautious housing market are leading to an upturn in the number of people in Oxfordshire who choose to improve, rather than move. For many local people, this means commissioning conservatories, to add value to their Oxfordshire home in more ways than one.

Savvy folk in the city of dreaming spires and the surrounding county have realised that a conservatory is a good investment, potentially increasing the value of their property. You may not want to move yet, but anything you can do to make your house more sellable later has to be a good thing.

Adding extra space

Also, local people are appreciating that a conservatory is a great way to create additional space in an Oxfordshire home, without the expense and upheaval of moving.

Conservatories are no longer simply just places to relax with a view of the garden, warmed by the rays of the sun on the glass. They are property extensions, innovatively using quality glass roofs and walls to provide enjoyment and practical benefits.

Oxfordshire property owners are keen to create extra living space to cope with growing families or even home-working. Conservatories are the first choice when they don’t want to find the large sums of money needed to convert lofts or create brick extensions. The latter may also need planning permission.

Most conservatories in Oxfordshire don’t need planning permission, but Regal Homemaker is happy to advise you on this and help you check that your chosen conservatory is within local authority guidelines. They will also ensure local building regulations are adhered to.

Innovative uses of conservatories in Oxfordshire

Conservatories were originally used in Britain for a specific purpose. In the 16th century, wealthy landowners in Oxfordshire would have added them to their grand homes largely to try to cultivate citrus fruits – much sought after by the upper classes once they were introduced from continental trade routes.

In the early 19th century large conservatories in public spaces became common, to create areas for learning and indoor cultivation.

Modern conservatories in Oxfordshire are also versatile and are being used for everything from additional lounges and dining rooms, to home offices and playrooms.

A solidly built and well-designed conservatory can be a great way to house a small business venture working from home in Oxfordshire, such as craft or clothes making.

All properties can benefit

The beauty of a conservatory is that it can be designed and created to fit any type of property in Oxfordshire, to take in whatever space is available. Which means if you have a large detached property in the Oxfordshire countryside or a cosy terrace in one of the towns, you can still opt for a conservatory for pleasure or more living space.

Call us today for practical – and enjoyable – conservatories to suit your Oxfordshire property and your individual tastes and needs.