Different Types of Door Frame Materials

Achieving a robust and elegant-looking door, whether for exterior or interior use, starts with a quality door frame from high-grade raw materials that go through a strict quality-control process. Most of the time, people tend to overlook the importance of door frames when it comes to security but no matter how sturdy the door or [...]

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A Guide To Popular Door Styles

If you are thinking about enhancing your home's exterior, installing a brand new custom door would be a great starting point. Whilst entry doors are intended to protect you when you are indoors, they are also where your guests will get their first taste of your personal style thus, any door designs you consider should [...]

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Top Conservatory Ideas This Summer

Conservatories built nowadays have become more advanced and can finally be enjoyed by families all year round. However, since most conservatories are designed for pleasure and relaxation, these versatile home extensions are more frequently utilised in the warm summer months. Read on to get some cool ideas that will surely make your family want to [...]

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How to make the most of the period features in your home

Period features in a home are treasures you’ll want to preserve as far as it’s possible. It’s just knowing how… and here’s how… If your sash windows are in good nick, you can get them refurbished and draught proofed by a specialist company and the cords replaced for their smoother running. However, if your windows [...]

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How to make the most of your home without having to move

Rather than dream about the house you’d love to live in, consider what amazing things you can do with your own. One room that has been side-lined by many for too long is the conservatory. Tired-looking furniture and décor can make the space feel neglected. There’s so much you can do though to include the [...]

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The benefits of extending your home

If you’re prevaricating over whether not you should extend your home, there are plenty of benefits to do so. Extending is often cheaper than moving house. If you’re looking for that extra bedroom, estimate how much it would cost to move from say your two-bedroom property to one with three. Take the difference between the [...]

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How much is an extension worth to your home?

  You’re probably aware of the benefits an extension can bring to your home, but how much is one actually worth? How much will it add to the value of your property? Wouldn’t it be worth knowing before you contemplated building one? A very useful guide has been delivered by the Office for National Statistics [...]

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A new lease of life for your home?

With a business built on referrals for over 30 years, Regal are often approached with high expectations for renovating a recently purchased property or renewing one’s love with their existing home, after all isn’t your home your most valuable asset? One of our most recent achievements allowed our customer to see their vision come to [...]

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Loft Conversions in Oxfordshire

Regal Homemaker was formed in the 1980s and has built a solid reputation for high-quality workmanship and customer service, offering their services in five main areas: doors, windows, conservatories, refurbishment and extensions in Oxford, Swindon, Bath and many more areas. These are beautiful parts of the country with three areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and [...]

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