If you’re prevaricating over whether not you should extend your home, there are plenty of benefits to do so.

Extending is often cheaper than moving house. If you’re looking for that extra bedroom, estimate how much it would cost to move from say your two-bedroom property to one with three. Take the difference between the values of your home and a three-bedroom place then add an estimated cost of moving. If this figure is more than the budget you would need to extend, then extending is an attractive proposition.

Beyond the financial, there other considerations. Even if you move to a bigger home, it’s often the case that the layout of the new place isn’t to your liking. If you wanted to change it, you would of course spend extra making any alterations. Conversely, by extending, you design to your specifications. You can build an extra bedroom or enlarge an existing one. Or you can change the shape of a room if you’re looking to gain a better aesthetic. What’s more, when you design a room from scratch, you get to choose the finishes, such as the bathroom suite, the kitchen units or the type of flooring.

If you build an extension to high professional standards, you will add value to your home. If you’re local to us, we are Oxford extension builders who can help you do just that. As a general rule of thumb, a property’s value doubles every ten years, so the more space you have, the more you invest.

Another reason why you might want to stay put and extend, is to simply take advantage of what you’ve got. You might want to stay rooted in an area you love for its schools, its shops, its transport links, for its general feel. You might have long-established friendships with neighbours, your kids with their schoolmates, that you wouldn’t want to wrench yourselves away from.

Again, consider the alternative to creating living space. Entering the property market can throw up all sorts of complications you might want to avoid. Like the property chain, where you’re having to wait for the owners of the home you want to buy from to find themselves the next move. Then, you avoid the possibilities of gazumping and the one-in-ten chance that the owner of the property you wish to buy from decides to take their home off the market and stay put. You can take your time meanwhile designing and building your new space.