Previously, kitchens were kept hidden at the back of the property. Fast forward to 2018, the kitchen is now an important part of our homes and considered to be the centre of the house. It brings the family together at the start of the day and later when everyone’s home. Kitchens have changed so much over the last few years, and many people are planning for a kitchen remodel to have a more modern design. As with any contemporary style, it requires cleanliness and simplicity. For 2018, here are the top trends in kitchen designs:

1. Smart kitchens are becoming the norm.

Smart kitchens have integrated technology which includes, not just fancy gadgets and appliances, but also functions, such as faucets and lighting. Technology integrated kitchens are becoming a trend now that homeowners see the benefits of new features that can make their errands easier.

2. White stays, grey gets elegant and dark paint Colours are in vogue.

This 2018, kitchen cabinets are still to be painted using the all-time favourite colour, white. Loved for its clean look, white cabinets exude beauty and timelessness. If not white, grey is the second choice of many homeowners. This colour is considered a chameleon because of its versatility. To accentuate the kitchen cabinets, the islands are painted using dark or wood stain colours.

3. Streamlined Designs, Materials and Textures

During the last few years, we have seen a growing trend of removing upper wall cabinets to make the kitchen space look larger and brighter. Additionally, it also allows you to use the countertop space more efficiently.

Streamlined designs and textures are also a growing trend in 2018. If you are planning to use an open shelve, it is recommended that you use a rough-cut wood to bring ‘nature’ into your kitchen. If you prefer an industrial theme, you may opt to use metal tubing.

4. Quartz is still King

Quartz is mainly used in high-end countertops. This material is extremely durable and can last for a very long time. Did you know that quartz is also anti-microbial? If you are not satisfied with quartz, you may choose to use granite, however, this requires more maintenance.

Aside from physical aesthetics, kitchen trends this 2018 are focused on making daily lives easier and effortless. If you plan to have your kitchen refurbished, Regal Homemaker can help. Regal was formed in the mid-eighties with the aim of providing excellent workmanship, detailed finishes and a level of customer service to be proud of. Our customers are spread far and wide but concentrated in the Bath, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire areas. If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also browse our website to know more about our products and/or services.